Foreign Language Education DEPARTMENT

General Information

Foreign Languages Teaching Department offers undergraduate level education in English language teaching. It started in the academic year of 2006-2007 registering 62 students. In the unit, the medium of instruction is English. One year of preparatory class is required for those who cannot get a passing grade in the proficiency examination held at the beginning of each academic year. The students who pass the English proficiency test are exempted from the preparatory class and start the freshman classes. In addition to the undergraduate program, our department started welcoming students to the MA TEFL program in the 2007-2008 academic year.


Foreign Languages Teaching Department prepares prospective language teachers for primary, secondary and high schools as well as universities. The aims of the programme include: a) developing pre-service teachers' own language skills; b) enabling pre-service teachers to understand the relations between language and culture; c) enabling pre-service teachers to gain professional knowledge in the basic theories, methods and principles of language teaching; d) attaining skills to be able to teach English language in the light of current teaching techniques; and e) preparing pre-service teachers for post-graduate studies.

PositionName SurnamePhoneFaxE-Mail
HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Prof. Dr. DEMET YAYLI+90 258 296 1028
DEPUTY HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Assist. Prof. Dr. ÇAĞLA ATMACA+90 258 296 1155