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The Textile Engineering Graduate Programme offers specific courses in various specialized options like fiber processing and manufacturing technologies, theoretical information about spinning, yarn production technologies, theoretical information about woven, knitted and nonwoven fabric surface production, and their manufacturing technologies, wet processing of textile products, garment manufacturing and productivity issues, technical textiles, functional textiles, product inspection and quality control processes.


Garduates of textile engineering graduate program graduates are wxpected to gain advanced knowledge on different aspects of the textile. Graduates of the program are also expected to make contribution to the textile industry with development of innovative approaches at different textile topics. They are inteded to have ability to solve textile related problems effectively. Program graduates should be able to adapt themselves to the rapid change of sectoral conditions, to improve innovative approaches, product development, process improvements, and use of technology with scientific approaches in effective way.

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 Prof. Dr. OSMAN OZAN AVİNÇ+90 258 296 3324 oavinc@pau.edu.tr
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