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It was established with the approval of 04.02.2009 YÖK General Assembly as part of Department of Architecture and Design. There are a total of 6 academic staff consisting of 1 Associate Professor, 2 Doctor Teaching Members and 3 research assistants. During the four-year training program of the Department of Landscape Architecture; - Courses for planning, design, repair, protection, management and application, - Lessons for the presentation and use of structural and plant material, - Lessons for landscape techniques, - Natural and social sciences courses, - Complementary lessons, cultural lessons and elective lessons.   At the end of the training period, the achievements of the students of Landscape Architecture are as follows:   - Developing the ability to create functional and aesthetic solutions based on artistic / creative talent, logic and causal power in landscape planning and design studies in all scales with interaction between man and nature, - Efficient, analytical, technical, communication (speaking, writing, graphing and drawing) and consulting skills, - Ability to work independently, to be able to work as a landscape architect in the interdisciplinary design and planning teams, and to integrate together, - Having the ability to understand ecological, cultural, economic and land management issues in connection with the diversity of work needed for the public and private sectors, - Developing technological infrastructure to understand planning and design applications and their results has a structure that can sufficiently internalize new developments and have sufficient knowledge in the field of technical expertise (Computer Aided Design, Modeling Programs, Geographical Information Systems, Remote Sensing Technologies) .


While maintaining the historical life and culture, our department has a clear structure in national and international education in accordance with today's requirements, in coordination with other professional groups;   - giving importance to people's needs as well as environmental values ??and creating plans and implementation projects, - have the knowledge and skills to create sustainable and ecological living spaces with high visual qualities based on natural and cultural and social environment analysis and synthesis based on respect for social needs and on the basis of conservation of natural and cultural landscapes, - have the knowledge and skills to serve in landscape planning, landscape design, landscape restoration and landscape management, - can produce solutions to environmental problems, - has adopted the principle of complying with ethical values, especially environmental ethics, - closely monitoring developments in the world and country, - who produce alternative solutions to the problems faced by research activities and local, regional and country landscapes, - contributing to the development of science and technology, - did not absorb the theory and practice, - the concept of the importance of life-long self-development and renewal, - the ability to use information and communication technologies at a high level, - qualified, talented, entrepreneurial, and dynamic in thinking analytically and critically   We are well aware of the task of raising Landscape Architects.

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