General Information

Textile engineering program has been started to education in 1995. Currently program is totally eight semestr. Before starting the program students may follow two semesters of English language program to be able to follow english courses which accounts 30% of all program credits. Program is built up under two sub departments, Textile Science containing textile materials, textile physics, dyeing and finishing in textile; and Textile Technology containing yarn processing, fabric processing, ready made clothing, quality control,and textile machinery.


The main aim of Textile Engineering program is to provide professional and technical knowledge about universal content of textile engineering which are textile courses; mathematics, science, fundamental engineering and elective social courses beside comprehensive textile courses. Our graduates are expected to have ability to understand, define and solve textile related technical problems using modern engineering tools and techniques. Education and training programs of the department are arranged to improve communication and team working ability of graduates from the view point of social and occupational ethic rules.

PositionName SurnamePhoneFaxE-Mail
HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Prof. Dr. OSMAN OZAN AVİNÇ+90 258 296 3324 oavinc@pau.edu.tr
DEPUTY HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Prof. Dr. ARZU YAVAŞ+90 258 296 3130 aozerdem@pau.edu.tr
DEPUTY HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Asts. Prof. Dr. BARIŞ HASÇELİK+90 258 296 3157 bhascelik@pau.edu.tr
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