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The Political Science and Public Administration undergraduate program is designed to provide students the comprehension of the constantly changing world in terms of political, social and economic aspects through an international perspective. Political Science and Public Administration, as two closely related disciplines, focus on the critical analysis of political and administrative issues. The discipline of Political Science examines the processes by which resources and values are allocated and discussed in a political system. As for the core interest of the discipline of Public Administration, it is the processes by which both public decisions and policies are made and applied within administrative systems and especially within the state.


The purpose of the Political Science and Public Administration Undergraduate Degree Program is to equip its students both with analytical tools and advance knowledge in the field and to help them join amongst respected members of the business, NGOs, public officials and the academic community.

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HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Prof. Dr. HÜSEYİN ALİYAR DEMİRCİ+90 258 296 2712 ademirci@pau.edu.tr
DEPUTY HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Asts. Prof. Dr. ÖZHAN HANCILAR+90 258 296 2724 ohancilar@pau.edu.tr
DEPUTY HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Asts. Prof. Dr. TOLGAHAN AYDINER+90 258 296 2805 taydiner@pau.edu.tr
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