General Information

The Special Education Department of the Faculty of Education in our university was founded in 2007. The Special Education Department has provided undergraduate education in the 'Special Education Teacher Training Programme' since 2018. Special education teachers who graduate from the Special Education Teacher Training Programme are employed in public or private special education institutions that are affiliated to the Ministry of Education in Turkey. There are currently 1 professor, 1 assistant professor and 2 research assistants in our Special Education Department.


The main aim of this department is to train special education teachers who can conduct special education services in a qualified way through the 'Special Education Teacher Training Programme' program. In addition to educating teachers, our department also aims to contribute to the production of scientific knowledge in the field of Special Education.

PositionName SurnamePhoneFaxE-Mail
HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Prof. Dr. SEVGİ KÜÇÜKER+90 258 296 1067 skucuker@pau.edu.tr
DEPUTY HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Asts. Prof. Dr. TAMER AYDEMİR+90 258 296 1063 taydemir@pau.edu.tr
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