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The faculty of law is complemented by a four-year undergraduate degree. Education in law school includes information on the Turkish legal system and international law. Graduates of the Faculty of Law will have knowledge about the history, scope and application of law. Mandatory courses are offered on an annual basis. Elective courses are semester. Two elective courses are required for each term (semester). Law degree education is completed with a total of 240 ECTS. The procedures and principles of education in the law faculty are regulated in the direction and direction of the faculty.


The faculty of law aims to educate students who believe in the principles of Atatütk and Turkish Republic principles. Those who are qualified as lawyers are those who are aware of the concept of justice and equity. The Faculty of Law also aims to provide education on social sciences, economics, sociology and philosophy. Law faculty aims to cultivate lawyers. Law faculty graduates can work as judges, prosecutors, notaries, lawyers, academicians, bankers.

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DEAN Prof. Dr. NACİ KARKIN+90 258 296 2781 nkirgin@pau.edu.tr
DEPUTY DEAN Asts. Prof. Dr. RAMAZAN KORKMAZ+90 258 296 2801 ramazankorkmaz@pau.edu.tr
DEPUTY DEAN Asts. Prof. Dr. FATMA DUYGU BOZKURT+90 258 296 2680 fduygub@pau.edu.tr
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