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Pamukkale University (PAU) Faculty of Technology was established by the decision numbered 2009/15546 of the Ministerial Cabinet and was activated with 5 departments in 2011. Students were accepted in the normal and evening education programs through the Manufacturing Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering Departments of PAU Faculty of Technology in the 2012-2013 academic year. Students will be accepted to Biomedical Engineering, Material Sciences and Engineering and Automotive Engineering Departments in the 2013-2014 academic year. In addition to graduate students of the general, Anatolian and Science Middle High Schools, graduate students from the Technical and Industrial Occupational Middle High Schools(determined by the High Education Council), in the quota of Occupational and Technical Middle High Schools, can register to PAU Faculty of Technology, too. Faculty of Technology has started education activities in the building commonly used by the Technical Education Faculty and the Engineering Faculty. Construction of the building for the Faculty of Technology is in progress.


Faculty of Technology’s main objective is to “educate engineers capable of using and advancing the most recent technologies, for meeting the needs of the industry”, which is in parallel with the vision and mission of the Faculty. Goals determined to realize this objective are; 1) To use a syllabus reinforcing practical applications, in addition to theoretical background. 2) To make students perform job-training for 60 work days. 3) To emphasize practical experience through Workplace (on-site) Education, which is to be completed within the 7th semester. 4) Within the scope of University-Industry Cooperation, to strengthen the infrastructure of the Faculty and to renovate it by project, design, manufacturing, maintenance and repair businesses practiced within the plants of our Faculty. This can be summarized as “to enable the students familiarize with the most recent technologies and to learn them”. 5) To let the students increase their skills and to support them economically by giving them the opportunity of being employed in the project, design, manufacturing, maintenance and repair businesses within the plants of our Faculty. Additionally: • to donate the students with the ability to analyze and solve problems by using the basic analytical concepts related with their profession and the essential theoretical background, • to guide them in advancing their effective communication skills for their professional career, in adapting themselves to team work, and, in management, leadership and entrepreneurship, • to raise their awareness of the necessity of life-long learning and to encourage them to continue their education after they graduate, • to train engineers with the consciousness of environmental ethical principles, and • to keep the industry-university cooperation effectively sustainable for our graduate students donated with the abilities required by the industry are in our goals, too.

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