General Information

School of Sport Sciences and Technology under the Rectorate of Pamukkale University was established depending on the 10,656 numbered and 18/04/2002 dated paper of the National Education Ministry, and 2809 numbered and 28/03/1983 dated 30th clause of the Council of Ministers decısıon on the date of 25 / 04/2002. SBTYO has 4 department whcih are Physical Education Teacher Education, Training, Recreation and Sport Management


To help understanding the importance of sport sciences in academic and social life to develop an awareness on need of sport scientists, to educate our students in the light of universal values, adherent to Ataturk's principles and reforms, respectful to the human rights, experienced and knowledgeable in the sport science area. To contribute the developing of sport science and applications by our students that are trained and researches that are done in national and international level and to lead to create healthy and physically active population with trained persons and academic researchers.

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