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Faculty of Arts and Sciences was established by Law No. 3837 and date 03/07/1992. Academic and administrative staff recruitment started in 1994. In the 1994-1995 Education Year, departments of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, History, Turkish Language and Literature started to accept students. Beginning from the 1995-1996 Education Year, these departments started evening education. Students have been accepted to the departments of Biology and Philosophy since 1999-2000, to the normal education of the department of Sociology since 2000-2001, to the department of English Language and Literature since 2001-2002; in the 2002-2003 Education year, while the Department of Archaeology has accepted students for normal education, the Departments of Biology, Sociology and Philosophy has accepted students for evening education. The Department of Art History has accepted students in the 2003-2004 education year. The Department of Archeology has started to accept students for evening education in the 2004-2005 education year. The Department of English Language and Literature has started to accept students for evening education in the 2009-2010 education year. Except the Department of Physics , 10 departments have Evening educations. From its foundation to October 1999, the faculty had been placed in a single floor of the old Engineering Faculty in Kinikli Campus. In the 1999-2000 Education Year, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences moved to Block A which was built in Kinikli Campus. Block B was completed in 2004 and Block C was completed in 2006. Block D was opened for education in the 2008-2009 Education year. By the 2009-2010 education year, there are almost 5371 students in the faculty. 181 academic staff (23 Professors, 26 Associated Professors, 63 Assistant Professors, 14 Lecturer, 9 experts, 44 research assistants) work in the faculty.


The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has esteemed duties to raise well-qualified individuals who have internalized the principles and reforms of Atatürk in the basic sciences, in the fields of science, social studies and the arts and to make studies in the fields of research, education and service and present it to the benefit of the society. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences aims to be an open-minded, clear institution, possessing an understanding of permanent progress, sharing, devoted to ethical values, making contribution to the society in terms of national and global dimension, of which it is proud of being a member, shown as an example with the education it gives and the individuals it raises.

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DEAN Prof. Dr. ERTUĞRUL İŞLER+90 258 296 3557 eisler@pau.edu.tr
DEPUTY DEAN Assoc. Prof. Dr. ESENGÜL AKINCI ÖZTÜRK+90 258 296 3698 eakinci@pau.edu.tr
DEPUTY DEAN Assoc. Prof. Dr. MEHMET ÇİÇEK+90 258 296 3554 mcicek@pau.edu.tr
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